Lapis Lazuli hexagonal prism Earrings

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Have a signature look with this beautifully handcrafted amulet on your friend’s birthday party. The beautiful Lapis Lazuli hexagonal prism Earrings are designed for you to look more fashionable and on-trend. Embellished with magenta rhinestones and silver sterling wires, these dangling tassels make you look more glamorous and beautiful.

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Lapis Lazuli hexagonal prism Earrings

Chocolates and flowers get eaten and die, but jewelry is incessant!! So why not gift some beautiful amulets to your loved one that will remain in her drawer forever… The Lapis Lazuli hexagonal prism Earrings is a vintage-inspired piece to present someone.

The beautiful magenta rhinestone packing the shimmering cobalt blue Lapis Lazuli Stone, cut like a long needle with all edges properly polished, is perfect to wear at a birthday party with blue, magenta or white dress.

By its very nature of healing and improvement, the Lapis Lazuli Stone is usually worn to have harmony with your partner. Having a scintillating design and perfect geometric shape, this pair of Lapis Lazuli hexagonal prism Earrings, make your woman look more romantic and attractive.

The Blue gold Lapis Lazuli Earrings can be worn by business ladies with their professional dresses to enjoy the trendy outlook along with the energy balancing benefits of Lapis Lazuli stone.

Place an order now to grab these timelessly elegant Lapis Lazuli Earrings of vibrant dark blue color!!

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Stones

  • The celestial blue color Lapis Lazuli Stone is known as the Stone of awareness, inner wisdom, and trust. It has the potential to bring about the vibrational and sensational energy from within.
  • It helps you realize the inner wisdom, enhances your decision-making power for day to day life, helps in effective communication, and is an effective symbol for promotion and success.
  • Lapis Lazuli stone is beneficial for curing physical diseases related to the respiratory and nervous systems. It is also known for the regulation of blood pressure and eradicates insomnia.
  • There is a magic about lapis lazuli. Its gold specks of pyrite give it the power of illumination. It helps you to see the magic in the universe.

So, to avail the benefits of this whimsical stone, shop the Lapis Lazuli hexagonal prism Earrings now!!!

Product Features:

  • Collection: Lapis Lazuli Stone Jewelry Collection
  • Size: 1.5 inches in length and thin in diameter
  • Color: Celestial deep blue color and magenta beads
  • Condition: High quality, Reliable and 100% brand new
  • Material: Lapis Lazuli Stone thin needle-like polished stone, 925 Sterling silver (perfect for skin), Magenta rhinestone
  • Shipment: In stock and ready to ship